Fantom Cartridge FX


FantomFX CARTRIDGE® is second generation Fantom Cartridge FX membran system.

Fantom CARTRIDGE FX® is revolutionary in the world of professional accessories for tattooing. Orakon is the first company which has introduced this excellent quality of cartridges !!!

Fantom cartridges are made on the basis of the already known FANTOM needles .

The FANTOM CARTRIDGE FX® is 100 % sterilized by EO gas. The plastic part of the cartridges is made with high precision components used in the manufacture of GRAY GRIPS .
This is the ideal solution for a wider range of tattoo artists.

There are more than 100 configurations of carefully made and selected Fantom needles.

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Tattoo equipment – Orakon Tattoo inks, tattoo needles, tattoo machines, studio equipment. The best tattoo equipment on the European market. ORAKON is a new brand of tattoo accessories, which is a result of over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of tattoo accessories. ORAKON is a top class product whose quality has already been confirmed by the best tattoo artist. Our main motivation is the satisfaction of our customers. The whole story begins with a tattoo and tattooing, from the beginning of 2000, while practising as a tattoo artist. With the growing experience, the need for professional equipment was growing. It was and still is a key element of the work of the tattoo artists. In those years on our market, there were not many companies offering tattoo equipment. For very poor quality equipment you had to pay astronomical prices. This situation forced us to make our own machines, grips, etc., since we had the production experience and a suitable workshop with lathes and milling machines. Inks, needles etc. we imported from abroad. To this day our offer is based on our own experience with the tattooing. 2017 is the year of change. Orakon’s comes with the plan with fresh new ideas and new energy focused on the satisfaction of our customers. We have gained a lot of international recognition, our products can be bought at the biggest European distributors and you can meet us at the biggest conventions in Europe. Currently we are the only company like that in Poland producing tattoo equipment.

fantom needles


FANTOM® tattoo needles are some of the best needles in Europe. There are over 200 unique combinations.

round liner

round shader

turbo round liner


soft edge magnum


smooth shader